Would you like to use your digital media to build capacity and engagement for your organization? Let me show you how. Over the last decade, I have helped numerous prevention and public health organizations engage thousands of new members and supporters from causes ranging from combatting underage drinking to oral health disease prevention. I have done this by taking the tools and strategies I developed working for big brands like Red Bull and Paul Mitchell, and showing community organizations and coalitions how to use the same marketing techniques big brands use to effectively engage people. If you are ready to bring in hundreds, or even thousands, of new supporters to your organization, and mobilize these new supporters into members and change agents in your community, let’s dive in.

First, let’s define digital media. Digital media is a big category that encompasses a wide variety of platforms and channels. For the purpose of this discussion, let’s define digital media as:

Digital Media = Your Website + Social Media + E-Newsletter

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of how to use your website, social media and E-Newsletter to build capacity, let’s talk about how we define members of a coalition. Before we bring new members into your organization, we have to know what we are going to do with them when they show up.

Back in 2014, a friend of mine, Dave Shavel, helped me define what it means to be a member of a coalition and if there are different types of members. Together, we created what we call, the Community Engagement Model.

The Community Engagement Model separates community members by level of interest and commitment to the coalition. The most valuable function of the model is that it allows a coalition to cultivate relationships with people in the community and move them up the model, getting them more involved in the coalition over time.

If you have ever been involved with a community coalition, you have probably sat around a table with the same 5 people that are always at the table and thought about how to do more, how to accomplish the work set out to do with the staff and volunteers currently involved. Realizing that the coalition is out of capacity. Coalitions continually go back to the same well, asking the same volunteers or staff to do more. How do you bring in more volunteers or raise more money? You have to bring new people into your organization. The Community Engagement Model will provide you with a game plan to do just that.

Tune in next week and we will go over the Community Engagement Model as we plan to use all these new supporters and members you are going to start attracting.

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