Request Form

Looking for experts to share their experiences with the millennial market? We are here to help!

People at Limerent Communications are always looking for ways to share our experiences and unravel the mysteries that others find in millennials.

We always try to offer something different to the table. We have insights about their communication preferences, psychology, lifestyle and more. We are happy to contribute to the following items:

  1. Contribute or co-write a blog post
  2. Collaborate on a research
  3. Speak at webinars
  4. Join at round table discussions
  5. Present at meetings and conferences

Let us know what you are looking for and we will get back to you. For any more questions, please see the FAQ below.


Is there a fee to work with you?

No, we are happy to engage ourselves to provide insights because potential collaborations also contribute to our own development. Feel free to make requests!

If I submit a form, will I be guaranteed of my request?

We love participating and contributing ideas. Unfortunately, we do have a limited availability. We will review your request and keep you informed of our time and availability within one business day.

What topics can Limerent Communications cover?

We are experts on topics over millennial marketing, including market research, digital marketing, creatives and more. To see more of what we do, please visit our service page.

What is the criteria to work with you?

Ultimately, we will decide whether the request is a good fit and a good investment. We will put into consideration the audience size, venue/media and time required.