Earlier this year, we started a blog about how public health and prevention groups can use digital communication as a tool to impact their communities better. After taking a couple of months off at the start of the summer, we are back! If you have ever been to Portland in the summertime, you will understand why we were playing hooky.

We are, indeed, back and have changed our format a little. We will now be publishing a monthly newsletter but when the mood strikes us, we will be posting a special series on particular topics that will come out more frequently.

To make sure we are being transparent, we give away some great strategies and tactics that took us over a decade to learn. Every month or so, we will send out an email highlighting services we offer that are tailored to public health and prevention groups.

It does not matter if you are working to prevent smoking, obesity, alcohol and drug use and abuse, infectious disease or any other public health concern. Digital media is essential in connecting with your community.

The first special series we are going to focus on is building capacity. We will explore what it means to be a member of a community coalition and how you get more members. If your organization could use more members or do better at engaging the members you have, stay tuned.

Limerent for GOOD!



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