SNAP Water Bottle Campaign

Multnomah County – SNAP Water Bottle Campaign

With a vibrant nightlife and drinking culture embedded in the Portland area, Multnomah County and SNAP needed to encourage patrons of Portland’s entertainment district business to exhibit responsible drinking habits.

To design and execute a communication strategy which appealed to 21 to 34 year old individuals and presented information on responsible drinking habits in a non-judgmental manner.

Limerent decided to create an event in which we had volunteers pass out free water bottles branded with the requested information to the target demographic in the given location.

It was decided to use fact-based messaging about the effects of drinking in a playful way. The entire experience was meant to be playful and not judgmental. The water bottles were handed out for free.

The idea of packaging the messaging/value with a free item meant that more people would be willing to receive the messaging materials. Carts were decorated with lighting in order to attract more interest in the areas where the messaging materials were being passed out. A team of young adults was chosen to distribute the messaging materials to improve reception of the intended message by delivering it via their peers.