Portland Bar Academy

Portland Bar Academy

While there was distrust between nightlife professionals and law enforcement institutions, the group of stakeholders was also typically less collaborative and rarely engages with one another. This imposed the challenge for Portland Bar Academy to reach out to its stakeholders.

They also didn’t know how to come up with messages that stakeholders would be interested in and how to effectively execute a campaign that engaged them in the process.

To build a brand of Portland Bar Academy to raise awareness for a safer Portland nightlife, and to unite a diverse group of stakeholders to share information and communicate Portland Bar Academy’s goals and ideas.

Limerent decided to recruit influencers in the bar community and to get them to promote an event initiated by the bar owners/managers, but supported by other stakeholders, such as law enforcement, prevention and public health workers.

The approach is to mitigate the differences among stakeholders and to create added values for its participants. Along with awareness building, the one-day free conference allowed all stakeholders to network and to receive proper trainings that were beneficial and educational.

In addition, Portland Bar Academy invited OTHG (Old Town Hospitality Group) and SNAP (Safe Nightlife Advocacy Partnership) to collaborate and sponsor the event in order to appeal to and engage local nightlife professionals and law enforcement individuals. The two major organizations in Portland engaged many stakeholders and united numerous parties.