Our Science



Knowing what information to collect is no longer enough. We do internal and external research, and identify your target market and your opportunities with your target audience.

We know

  •  How to ask reliable and valid questions
  •  Where to reach your audience for data
  •  How to analyze underlying messages that are hard to get and often overlooked

Limerent Scale

We measure your audience’s perception and awareness of you on the Limerent scale. We then put the scale result into perspectives to make better strategies.

People can know you positively, negatively or nothing at all. Do you know your target audience’s perceptions and awareness of what you are selling, supporting or advocating?

Limerent Link

Finding the link is our proprietary process. It is our secret sauce after years of work with millennials.

Through our research and measurement on the Limerent Scale, we will be able to find you the link that connects you with your audience. Do you know your link?


With the complexity of marketing and messaging nowadays, we break out the clutter and customize the most effective plan that aligns with your organization’s value and budget.

As we use our research to position your business/organization, we help you identify the most valuable marketing channels and reach your marketing goals.


Campaigning is when we put everything into work in full force. It is as important as planning and where you will see visible results. We will execute the deliverables so you are effectively communicating with the millennials on their terms through the link that connects you.