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  I was arguing with one of my friends on social media about systemic racism.  I did a Google search to find some stats and information to enlighten my friend (win our argument) and to my surprise, the first article to come up was from Ben & Jerry’s.  I did a double take and thought […]

In our last article (here’s a link, in case you need a quick refresher: 4 Pillars of Social Media Management), we covered the four pillars of social media management which provide a complete road map to creating and maintaining an online presence. Now that you have a basic understanding of social media management, we want to […]

“Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing,” said Rollo May, an American existential psychologist with numerous influential publications. Like any community, the coalition itself is also a community to run. No matter what coalitions you are in, both internal and external communications have to be well-maintained in order to make […]

Every coalition is formed with the intention of doing some good. However, building a coalition itself does not solve the problem like magic, but requires its members to increase awareness, build capacity or conduct a messaging campaign in order to make an impact within their community. “But marketing? Why?” Although many non-profits don’t see themselves “promoting […]

For a lot of companies and organizations, hiring with a marketing agency is or was their solution or alternatives to a crucial development or growth. With the right hire, an agency can help you reach your audience effectively, augment your engagement and messaging, and double, triple or quadruple your marketing dollars in return of your […]