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Have you heard of marketing automation? If your organization does any type of digital advertising or online lead generation, you should be aware of it and how it can make your life easier. At Limerent, we’ve used marketing automation for the last four years to help us develop leads and track their conversions for both […]

If you read our last post in this special series about Attracting New Supporters, we talked about the Community Engagement Model. This model is going to help us engage the hundreds of new supporters we are going to attract. I mentioned in the last post that I developed this model with a friend and colleague, […]

Would you like to use your digital media to build capacity and engagement for your organization? Let me show you how. Over the last decade, I have helped numerous prevention and public health organizations engage thousands of new members and supporters from causes ranging from combatting underage drinking to oral health disease prevention. I have […]

Earlier this year, we started a blog about how public health and prevention groups can use digital communication as a tool to impact their communities better. After taking a couple of months off at the start of the summer, we are back! If you have ever been to Portland in the summertime, you will understand […]

I have had the opportunity for the last few weeks to lecture at a university in Shanghai. This is my first visit to China and to the largest city in the world. As you can imagine, there have been many things that are strikingly different to my home in Portland, Oregon. One of the things […]

Three Must Haves for Every Coalition I have been working with coalitions for over ten years helping them better communicate with stakeholders. If there’s anything I’ve learned over the last decade it’s that time is the only thing coalitions have less of than money. That realization led me to develop an efficient system for coalitions […]

“Your website is your storefront,” is what Helen Ying, Chair of the Big Village Community Coalition in Portland, OR, says. Your coalition should have a website that lets everyone in the community know who you are and all the great work you do. Does your website help recruit new members and supporters? Does it deliver […]

I work with a lot of coalitions and the focus is usually on how they can get more people involved and paying attention to them. Every coalition could use more members, more supporters, more people attending meetings, and more people participating. The big question they always ask is, “How?” My answer is always the same […]

New Year’s is one of our favorite times of year around the Limerent office. There’s always a sense of cheery optimism about what the new year could bring! With that in mind, we got to thinking about what Limerent’s resolution should be After a lot of discussion we came to a simple conclusion: to use […]