Limerent Communications connects important ideas, messages and organizations to young people in a meaningful way by tapping into the richness of their passion and enthusiasm. 


Limerent Communications was established by Kris Martin in 2013 after decades of work with young people through events and marketing campaigns.

As Kris studied how young people communicate, consume information and make decisions in the last 15 years, he saw many things come and go, but the one thing he found that has not changed is what inspires young people, and gets them to act and react: love and acceptance.

These two powerful forces have been what keep young people being the way they are in every generation going back to at least the 50’s.

He also found that young people are very passionate. They are madly in love all the time, and the things and people they love are always changing. Even though technology has changed, young people really have not. Their desire to be accepted and loved is exactly what our agency is built upon.

That is, being limerent.

What is Limerent?

“Limerent” is a word coined by a psychologist, Dorothy Tennov, who did decades of research and wrote a book in 1979, "The Experience of Being in Love." Being limerent was described in her book as “an involuntary interpersonal state that involves intrusive, obsessive and compulsive thoughts, feelings and behaviors that are contingent on perceived emotional reciprocation from the object of interest.”

Because this state of mind so adequately describes the younger generation which Kris has been working with, he adopted the term for the agency to showcase what we do as a core, finding the limerent link that connects important ideas, messages and organizations to young people.

For us, if the message, product or organization can help young people feel accepted and loved, the connection would be immensely meaningful and influential. Join us and get limerent!

Our Team

Kris Martin   
Mike Cox   
Ján Montoya   
Rosaleen Burke   
Richard Standow   
David Pan    
Julie Flint   

Managing Partner
Partner & Director of Client Services
Creative Director   
Art Director
SEO/SEM Coordinator & IT Manager
Communications Strategist
Business Manager/Event Coordinator


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